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Setting API Portal for the first time

Question asked by tkongpachith on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Amit_Aharon

I am trying to set up the API Developer Portal for the first time.


Is there anyway I could get free downloads or files to get the Portal private key and certificate? Or do I need to contact CA Supoort for those resources?

( In the CA training courses for the Developer Portal, there was an example vaportal1_key and vaportal1_cert )


I am following the guidelines off the CA API Developer Portal v3.0 course guide because that helps me install the Portal from scratch rather than v4.2 that tells you how to configure with the newer/updated interface.


I'm setting all of this up on a VM in VMware vSphere Hypervisor environment. Have the ability to SCP files from my Desktop to my VM via WinSCP so I just need to be able to have those private keys or certificate so I can then go configure the Portal appliance in another VM like a Gateway to have mutual authentication and finish installation before opening a web browser to access the Portal.


Below I have attached the course guide for reference, I need help from pages 14-16 in search bar or 1-14 on the actual document pages.