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issue configuring simple IDP with mapping groups in GW integration with LAC

Question asked by neaid01 Employee on Sep 13, 2018
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I have recently integrated LAC 5 with gateway 9.3

I have managed to publish an API from LAC to the GW and also access this API swagger doc via the GW URL. however, when I try to consume this API via GW url (https://gw3.local.poc:8443/b2bderbynw/v1/nw:Categories?auth=Bzn8jVyfOTiIpW6UQCgy:1  simple get operations) I get the following error:

{   "statusCode": 401,   "errorCode": 4011,   "errorMessage": "Auth Token not found or not authorized: More than one authorization method specified" }

now I already did some mapping of the user and groups in the internal IDP gateway to some Roles of the LAC, following the LAC documentation.
seems like i'm missing something.

I can consume this API when reaching it directly to the LAC URL. 

perhaps someone can assist ?