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Knowledge zresolver showing ticket assigne groups

Question asked by subbaraomahendrakar.1 on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Chi_Chen



we are using R17.0


on detail_in.htmpl we have a customization on solution page(xx_solnalg_tab.htmpl) of knowledge tab.


on xx_solnalgtab.htmpl we have a custom lookup field "zresolved".


when we try to click on this zresolved field its only showing the ticket assignee groups instead of showing all groups.


Note: on ticket group we have a customization that when ticket group is filled it should show the members of that group for ticket assignee.


Is it something because of this zresolved field showing the assignee belonging groups only.


could anyone here can help how to restrict so that zresolved field should show all groups irrespective of ticket assignee belongs to.


Thank you