CA APM 10.7 Monitor WebServer IIS

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Hi Expert,


I'm doing a test CA APM 10.7 and DxC in my dev environment, before I'm going to deploy it in my customer environment. I use it to monitor .NET application.

My questions:

1. Why the Business Transactions link does not exist in my Notebook? I only saw Metric Tree and Performance Time Comparison there (See screenshot as attached). While in the WebView, the Business Transactions are listed in the Home Page. Looks the DxC is working with no issues.


2. I test the APMIA to monitor the IIS WebServer. I already configured the webserver agent with following the steps are mentioned in the docops. But I only getting several metrics of IIS Webserver under Infrastructure agent, they are: Availability Status, Reporting Interval, ServerURL, ServerVersion (Please see screenshot2 as attached)

Here is the configuration that I put in to WebServerConfig.xml

<WebServer Type="Microsoft-IIS" Enabled="true" ServerURL="" DisplayName="Rio-IIS" MetricsURL="iisperf"/>

And here is the log I received after I start the APMIA agent:

[IntroscopeAgent.WebserverMonitor.WebServerMonitorEngine] Could not get performance metrics from server :

I expect I can get more detail information of my IIS performance.

Are there any steps that I missed in the configuration?


Need your advice.