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Can SiteMinder bridge multiple IDPs and allow two SPs to perform SSO?

Question asked by AroraS on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Hubert Dennis

Can SiteMinder bridge multiple IDPs for a single SP considering this SP is already configured with SiteMinder and is capable of pointing to only one IDP? The SP needs to integrate with another IDP. Use Case Scenario is as below:

  1. Application X is configured to use SiteMinder as an Identity Provider (IDP).
  2. The application X can only be configured to recognize one IDP.
  3. The application X is the Service Provider (SP).
  4. Application Y uses its own IDP (=Y), rather than the SiteMinder.
  5. We need to perform SSO initiated from application Y to the application X over a web connection.


Is it possible for SiteMinder to facilitate this bridging, something on the line of PingFederate FederationHub?


Any help is much appreciated!