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How to define correlation rule / reverse synchronization to define mapping for only selected attribute of CORP store against AD endpoint

Question asked by Alok-Kumar on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Alok-Kumar

Hi Friends,

I need your help to define correlation rule / reverse synchronization, where i want to update only few attribute in CORP store from Ad end point when correlation rule executes. As well when explore/correlate rule executes
i don’t want any new user creation in CA system if explore and explore finds any new account at end point which is not present into corp store.

Right now I have defined a corelation attribute global user by which search at end point done and associated account is getting updated.



Problem here is :-

My co-relation is creating user into provisioning system under endpoint section if user is present at end point but not in provisioning system.

Please note: this user creation is only under endpoint not as a global user

Next one, right now i dont know how to define set of attribute for which only reverse sync work. e.g. Lets say in AD if someone changes First and Last name then I can defined rule into provisioning system such that First Name update
only getting pulled not Last Name.

Thanks! Alok