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CA JDBC Adapter installation

Question asked by JRiedel99 on Sep 17, 2018
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First Question: We are on CA PPM 15.4 (SaaS). We need to be able to create more advanced reports than we can in Advanced Reporting. Will this tool provide that?


Second Question:

I was going through the installation instructions and I wasn't sure how to do the following step. Is there a different document for SaaS users?


Document : Advanced Reporting with Jaspersoft


Step 2 under Install the CA JDBC Adapter: Create a folder under your local workspace and name it, for example, drivers. If you do not know where your workspace is located, you can verify it from Jaspersoft Studio Professional. Navigate to File and select Switch Workspace. The "Workspace Root Path" indicates the location of your workspace (for example, C:\workspace\Studio). Click Cancel.