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Preventing Closure of Parent Request with Child Incident

Question asked by cowsert on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by camja06

I've seen where people have created a macro that stops Analysts from closing parents with open children.  I'm looking for something similar, but have yet to find it. 


I'm trying to create a way to stop Analysts from closing children Incidents on accident from a Parent Request or Incident. 


So I have tier 1 staff who close Parent or children Requests all the time.   However, we create Incidents as children of Parent Requests who are the first to report a problem.  Tier 2 staff normally work these Incidents to completion, but we don't want Incidents to be closed automatically as Tier 2 could lose them and it would make their job harder. 


Does anyone know of a way (without transitional statuses, just does not work for our multifaceted support) to stop an Analyst from closing a Parent Request where an open child Incident is attached.  Either a macro on the close event, or Spel code would work too. 


Unable to figure this one out on my own.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks for viewing!