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Duplicate Thread Ignore: REST API for CA APM open alerts

Question asked by arpan.ave on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Lynn_Williams
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Let me explain everything from scratch. I have downloaded the APM agent (Java_v1.tar file) and extracted  this tar file then passed the path of the wily/Agent.jar file  which I got after extracting the tar file, to jvm argument and after that I am able to see the data for java application  on CA dash board and also able  to set alert. As I got the  information by Lynn Williams that we  can get all raw alerts by using SQL REST API , and to get alert information using SQL REST API , we need something called CLWorkstation.jar (suggested by one of the support guy) but since I have only willy folder and inside this willy only Agent.jar file is there. I have not installed Enterprise Manager or any other thing. So can you please tell me from start that how can I use this SQL REST API  to get raw alert information.