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Not Able to Connect To Devtest

Question asked by Yugain on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by MarcyNunns

Hi All


We are getting the below error message when we are trying to connect to Devtest 10.2.4


"Error connecting to the DevTest Registry. 

Error message: Timed out trying to connect to test registry "Name of the registry"

ava.rmi.RemoteException: Timed out trying to connect to test registry "Name of the registry"
 at com.itko.lisa.test.Environment.bootUpTestRegistry(
 at com.itko.lisa.test.Environment.setTestRegistry(
 at com.itko.lisa.gui.TestAdmin.startRegistry(
 at com.itko.lisa.gui.TestAdmin.access$000(
 at com.itko.lisa.gui.TestAdmin$1.doCallback(
 at com.itko.util.swing.panels.ProcessingDialog$


Can someone please provide an insight to this error message or how this issue can be resolved


Thanks And Regards

Yugain Sharma