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CA PPM Load Balancing Monitor Issues

Question asked by TDBecker on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by TDBecker

Our company has changed their policy on load balancing procedures and I am now facing a problem.  We use Netscaler, and the monitor is expecting to see a http 200 response from the test call.   I think the issue is that they are using the httprequest ["HEAD /"] which is giving them a http 400.  This is causing my environment to show as down.


My network folks say:
"Netscaler will use http://<IP>[header] where <IP> is individual IP for server/site and [header] is any additional text we provide. They can also specify a port to test other than the service port (2840 in this case) and also they can specify http or https"


I can access the server from my browser, but when I look at the call using Fiddler, I see it is using a "GET".  The app-access log shows their call is using the "HEAD" method.


I've been told that I need to figure out how to get Linux to respond to the call correctly, or come up with a default landing page under the NIKU_HOME directory for them to call.


I'm hoping someone has faced this issue before and has advice on how I can resolve my problems. Maybe I'm missing an easy setting in CSA that will help??? 


Thanks in advance,