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Cannot Process/Route a Request to Gateway Due to Error in Assertion Processing

Question asked by tkongpachith on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by Conny Postma

Hi, I had recently installed and configured my gateway and Policy Manager. However, while I am browsing for a testing WSDL to utilize on SOAPUI - I come across an error. Even if I try to run a request on SOAPUI to the endpoint of my gateway, the response latency is slow as well as an error appears stating "Error in Processing Assertion." What does this mean? How can this be fixed? Through the Policy Manager or is it a Gateway configuration issue? The API/WSDL itself is working corrected when routed to its URL but for some reason when I try to route it to my gateway prior to getting a response, I receive that error message.

I keep getting this error message when I direct this request to my gateway:
<l7:policyResult status="Error in Assertion Processing" xmlns:l7=""/>