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Contact Record Archiving

Question asked by Alan_Eth on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by JacquesGeldenhuys

Can you use the inbuilt Archive and Purge tool on Contact records? I have tried setting-up a definition in the itil_arcpur_cfg.xml file but I get a strange message in the stdlog when I startup the system and I cannot get a Rule working based on the new definition.


The error I see is:

... arcpur_srvr          8876 ERROR        arcpur.c               612 Received message error (method:got_common_name object:main_obj).


I have done a great deal of experimentation to make sure it is not just some aspect of the definition of the itil_arcpur_cfg.xml file and there is only an error if I set the <factory> to cnt.


We are running r12.6.