JDE RA Stops Processing Jobs

Discussion created by TinaHart609265 on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Barm


We've had some issues appear every few months where though the JDE RA Agent is up and running, it stops processing any requests.

It will appear like jobs are submitted, however, they are never appearing as completed in Automic.  We do see that in JDE the jobs had executed successfully, but since that result does not appear to come back, they just sit in the queue.  The way around this is to restart the RA Agent and then everything continues as normal.

I did find a potential fix for this in the latest version of the RA, so before we install this in our DEV environment, I'd like to know if anyone has had success with this version actually resolving that issue.

Please let me know.