Clicking multiple objects in AWI 12.2 highlights them all without the use of Ctrl or Shift

Discussion created by ReiteS on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by m.uracz

When I click on an object it shows as being highlighted. When i click on a second object, it also shows as highlighted but the first object remains highlighted still. So now there are 2 objects highlighted. if I click on a third, now there are 3 objects highlighted. If I need to unhighlight an object, I need to click that object again. All this happens without the use of the Control or Shift keys and happens with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Although none of this happens outside of AWI, meaning not in Windows Explorer nor Outlook. So I'm thinking it's something with AWI. Below is a screenshot that I hope explain this. Has anyone else experienced this? And how do you turn this off?