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'Return Template Response to Requestor' Assertion

Question asked by altfr01 Employee on Sep 20, 2018
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The customer is running into the problem:


When using a 'Return Template Response to Requestor' Assertion you are not able to add additional Header information to the response if "Send response immediately" is selected.  (KB000016586)


He was informed that there is a limitation with the template response assertion which will ignore all additional headers being added by the 'add header assertion' if this option is turned on.


He asked for a workaround as wants to achieve the following:


 The reason why I am asking you this is because we have a service from which we store the response onto a database. This response is huge and therefore we don't want the client to wait for the storage process and instead we want to first send the response immediately (with the Set-Cookie header) to the client and afterwards we want to store the response to the database


Any idea? I check  the support database but found no matching hits.