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How does DNS caching work in an api gateway cluster?

Question asked by Wildcatz on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Wildcatz

I have an api gateway cluster that has 2 gateways. The gateways talk to an ldap server.On both gateways, networkaddress.ttl=-1 is commented out in file.


When ldap's IP address is changed in DNS, one gateway will start to use the new IP but the other gateway continues to use the old IP (and therefore can't connect to ldap).


Has anyone seen similar issues? Any solutions?


The default networkaddress.ttl is forever. But when a security manager is not set, the default is 30 seconds. How do I know if I have security manager set or not set?


Does each gateway handle this individually or it's handled by the cluster and the networkaddress.ttl setting is replicated between the 2 gateways?