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Load Balancer before Gateway

Question asked by pratysin on Sep 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Stephen_Hughes

Hello All,


As per the below link: Configuring the Load Balancer - CA API Gateway - 9.3 - CA Technologies Documentation  

we can configure the LB but my concern is : What type of LB is before Gateway which handles the traffic: is it Layer4 LB ( Network LB) or Layer7 LB ( Application Layer). 


Also, as per the statement in above link : The load balancer for the Gateway cluster listens for incoming messages on TCP ports 8080 and 8443

and in the link : Network Configuration - CA API Gateway - 9.3 - CA Technologies Documentation  

it has been mention for eth0 :  8080 – standard HTTP port ,

so can you please let me know if we need to open 8080 port on LB as well while setting up on GW. I am confused.