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Benefit Plan custom fields data deleted after CA PPM 15.2 upgrade

Question asked by shalinee on Sep 24, 2018
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We have completed the upgrade from CA PPM 14.2 SP11 version CA PPM 15.2 SP in our non-production environment. During the unit testing phase we have noticed the issue in benefit Plan.

We are creating a benefit plan using a template at the time of Idea Convert to a project via Process (Gel/Xog). Our benefit plan has three custom fields of type string with drop down lookup value. We have noticed the data has been wiped out from all the custom fields of benefit plan. However total benefit cost is still there and all other out of the box fields data is available as is. This behavior is pretty random because we have noticed 95% project benefit plan has no data in custom three fields however there are few benefit plan with some data in custom fields.


Any idea about this issue. Not sure if it is bug as I found this. We have also installed PMO Accelerator in our instance.


“Benefit Plan is one of the many objects that got affected by PMO installation.  This means that your configurations would get overwritten during installation/upgrade.  This is documented in docops at the following link:


Excerpt from section "PMO Accelerator Add-In Items Automatically Installed"



I am also attaching the behavior of this issue.



Any suggestion is much appreciated!