Suhas Kamble

Why we scrapped upgrade project to New UI (15.5)

Discussion created by Suhas Kamble on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by jleonerego

New UI/UX is awesome no doubt! But for Customers who use PPM for years, it adds no value, it just looks awesome and misses 70% or even more Native Functionality.


What's missing (Show Stoppers) that resulted into not upgrading to 15.5>>

On New UX you cannot

  • See processes
  • Differentiate between Locked and unlocked attributes
  • See Sub objects , custom objects
  • See Subpages
  • Secure pages or Sections


We cannot keep users toggling between New and Classic PPM 


We are exactly one year from Last big release (15.1) where we had same expectations with New UI and it has moved snail pace since. 1 year is long enough (as a consumer at least)


Blue Prints is much needed improvement but it is still in the infant stage that is missing all above mentioned bullet items.