Feature Request - Maximum Response Time Metric

Discussion created by JeffDubis on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by LutzM

Anyone in favor of a feature request for CA APM to include a Maximum Response Time metric column in URL and SQL "Overview" summary tables in addition to the average response time metric?   We deal with many intermittent scenarios where a transaction encounters a response time spike (1 second spiking to 15 seconds).  CA APM doesn't provide an easy means to identify the specific offending transaction that encountered an intermittent spike.


The average response time metric is not indicative of a transaction which encounters infrequent intermittent spikes.  The MAX ART metric would solve this.   The present CA APM workflow requires the end-user to click on each transaction and view the trending average response time metrics with the "Max/Min" setting checked which is an extremely poor end-user experience.


Anyone in favor of the MAX ART metric?  Would also be good to have alerting capabilities on MAX ART metric.