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URGENT : Unable to reach end Point Device

Question asked by Yogesh-Techm on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by Yogesh-Techm

Dear Experts,


We have joined a PAM appliance to two different network with NIC1 NIC2.


NIC1 Is default one and its working fine (its pingable from Network1 which is expected)

NIC2 is additional NIC configured

For NIC2 (additional NIC) we have configured network route (Not sure if its correct though)
When we try to ping NIC2 from Appilance (From tools) - its pingable but its not pingable out side appliance from Network2.


I believe something is not correct in additional route may be something else.


Since we are able to scan devices in the network2 (Which gave me impression that NIC2 is working fine).


Can anyone help here please ?


If need more info, will provide.