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Previous JOBS dependency

Question asked by BenSumner612127 on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Luu Le


If you have two jobs in a workflow, JobA and JobB, with JobB being dependent on JobA. When you go into the properties for JobB, you get the option to setup the states in the dependency tab. Generally I would set it to All states must match and ANY_OK else Block. 

I have a requirement that JobB is dependent on JobA but not for JobA to finish to completion. JobA runs all day. JobB only has to wait for JobA to be in a running state, then it can start. Since JobA is still running, even if I leave the dependency state of JobA blank, JobB will never start. My guess that a previous job must finish (success or failure) before it's status is evaluated?

Is there a way around this?