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Portlet List Filter -- Custom Attribute Filter

Question asked by mtognetti on Sep 27, 2018
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Good Day,


I am coming to the community to ask for an expansion on a previously submitted question.  I would like to reference Community Comment: #241992035.  In this previously posted question, Community Member RolandP comments that when filtering on ta custom attribute, we would use that custom lookup (which I can see and have linked)


I am working on a NSQL Query-Portlet-Portlet Page where we would like to have four(4) filters:



In this portlet two of the filters (left) work, but the two on the right do not.  The two on the right are based on custom attributes and (I believe) are linked to the appropriate custom look up.  In these pictures Portfolio Category 2 is a custom field representing a portfolio and Portfolio Category 3 is a custom field representing our Approval Groups.



With the filters on the right we can pick the lookup filter value, however, once we select “filter” the page goes blank, no matter the selection.  This behavior is the same for both filters.  For testing purposes I have been picking filter selections individually, I have not used more than one filter (of the four) at a time.


I am unsure where I may be doing something incorrectly (bad choices) but I do not know what.  I look forward to hearing/receiving guidance from the community. 


Thank you