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Workflow's job member automatic activated problem?

Question asked by PhatTran612036 on Oct 1, 2018
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I have encountered the 2 issues of the job members of workflow is not activated automatically.


For example, I have the flow like this: Start --> job1 --> job2 --> job3 --> End.

I assume that the job1 is failed, the rest of workflow changed to Red color. I manually restart the job1, it runs successfully but job2 is not started automatically in its turn, and I need to manually restart job2 as well job3. How can we solve this problem? My aim is to only restart the job1, and the rest of job in the workflow is started automatically when their turn come.


The second issue, when all the job completed, the but End object still in red color, not grey like successful jobs. Could we change the status or how to make it updates its status automatically.