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Based on argument value select response from different-different transactions having same operation

Question asked by Banjara on Oct 1, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by DannySaro

Hi All,


I am working on requirement where the three stateless transactions having same operation name and based on one arguments key (like ID ) value match in every request response should be selected from VSI.


For example.


If ID = 3,  select transaction first (Transaction  id : 20) response .

If ID = 4,  select transaction (Transaction  id : 30)  second response.

If ID = 5,  select transaction (Transaction  id : 40)  third response.



Note: Signature of the request hitting to VSI will be different once ID value matched corresponding response should be send. Data protocol is XML.


Your inputs would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.