Monitoring Client Usage - v10 vs v12

Discussion created by TonyFerraro609475 on Oct 1, 2018
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Monitoring Client Usage - v12 vs v10.


Version 10 Java GUI - I can look at the 'usage' tab, and see ALL my clients on 1 page, and see what the total usage of the system is(ie performance of every client stacks on top of each other, with a total at the bottom of page). I like this.

The 'automation engine' tab separately show all the process's.


Version 12.2 AWI - process's and usage are together on 1 page. I need to click on a single WP to see what clients are connected to that WP and their usage, it also has a total, FOR THAT WP.

I can select multiple WP rows but this does not aggregate the data for an overall view, so that function seems deceiving.


In short, its nice to see usage on a per WP/process basis, but i also want to see the overall/high level usage of all the clients on a single page, otherwise how do i know quickly if my system is overloaded?


Any ideas?