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Basepath not updated in .vrs file when creating VS from rrpairs

Question asked by Benoit_B on Oct 2, 2018
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I've tried to create VS from rrpairs. On my first attempt, request file was wrong :

GET gest/v1/au/app/id?id=1285311217 HTTP/1.1


The / is missing after GET. At the end of the creation, I saved a .vrs file, which contained : 



I saw my error, and made a second attempt, with a good request file :  

GET /gest/v1/au/app/id?id=1285311217 HTTP/1.1

And using the .vrs file in order to load all properties used previously.


But the basePath properties was not updated using the value found in new request file. 

In the .vsm file, the basepath value was still gest/v1.


Is this behaviour the good one ? Or should the .vrs file/basepath be updated as we receive a new request file ? 

Tested with workstation 10.1 / 10.3.


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