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Attaching ServiceType using Webservice

Question asked by andrade on Oct 1, 2018
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Short story: Anyone knows how i can relate ServiceType with cr_wf using WebServices?


Long story

We want to say goodbye to Spell codes, for that we are using OOTB features to achieve some needs.

The most complex scenarios is related to SLA/OLA. We have spl to check and attach OLAs as needed, creating another table to control that.

So, we are thinking in use Request/Incident/Problem tasks and relate ServiceType at it to monitor OLAs. But is not a Group > OLA simple relationship, Service Type will be attached according the IC, priority and user location. So we are thinking to use ITPAM for that.

But has not a 'easy way', no method available to do that directly. So I want to know if anyone achieve that