Web Service Connection Object

Discussion created by ben1984 on Oct 2, 2018
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Hi all,


currently i try to build up a generic JOBS with PromptSet to execute WebService REST requests.


My Questions:
Is it possible to read the URL Endpoint in the WebService ConnectionObject and put it into a Variable?


To execute the JOBS successfully i need currently following variables in my PromptSet:


1. ConnectionObject

2. URL Endpoint (server:port)

3. Recource

4. Method (get, post, ....)



In the JOBS I choose "Override URI Endpoint" and fill it with the variables of the prompset.

In the Pre_Process i do following to assign the ConnectionObject to Connection of my JOBS:


:PUT_ATT RestConnection = &RESTCONN#
:PUT_ATT Method = &METHOD#


I want to achieve that the 2. "URL Endpoint" is automatically filled, when i chosse the 1. "ConnectionObject" in the PromptSet.


Is that possible? Or is there a much better way to do this?


Thanks for your help in advance.