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Does anyone know how to configure Reports and Jobs so that the notification has the report attached?

Question asked by KenDixon on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by kanbh04

We recently upgraded to CA PPM 15.4 and are attempting to use the Reports and Jobs functionality.

In Advanced Reporting we have quite a few reports that are created by schedules and the notification contains the report attachments.

It is our understanding that the best way to take advantage of OOTB box report updates is to use Reports and Jobs. We have invested several team members time over several days to get the Reports and Jobs schedules configured and secure, to no avail. We get the notification that the report has completed and it has an embedded URL to the report. But there are two problems with this. We are able to get the notification email with the URL link to the report but it has a number of escape sequences that have problems.