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how do I get the User Story # from a converted Defect

Question asked by rolando.dorbecker on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Michael Bulkeley

from a custom html app i am trying to get the user story (FormattedID) that was created from a Converted Defect.


I can see that the user story# is on the revision history of the defect, but when i am trying to get it, the revision number is not bring back.


The following is what i am using but, i am not getting what i need,  is there an alternative route to get the user story that was derived from a converted Defect?


// revisions
var uno = Ext.create('', {
filters: [
//{property: '_TypeHierarchy',operator: 'in',value: ['Defect','User Story']},
//{property: '_ProjectHierarchy',operator: '=',value: 198460325},
{property: 'ObjectID',operator: 'in',value: misDefectsFilter}
fetch: ['Name','FormattedID','ScheduleState','State','Owner','Resolution','_ValidFrom','_ValidTo','_PreviousValues','_RevisionNumber'],
hydrate: ['State','ScheduleState','Resolution','_PreviousValues'],
limit: Infinity,
autoLoad: false,
removeUnauthorizedSnapshots: false
callback: function(records, operation) {
if(operation.wasSuccessful()) {
//process records
misDefectRevisions = records;