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How do I filter an NSQL Portlet Page?

Question asked by JP_Thompson on Oct 3, 2018
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I am creating a new portlet on CA PPM 15.3 for an initiative being driven by RAG Status at both the project and task levels.  I have successfully created the nSQL query, created the page and portlet page.


I am having a road block where I can only filter on the project level data, the task level data is not being filtered properly.  My nSQL query has a single dimension and I have it set up with hg_has_children so that the user can click the expander and see the underlying milestones and associated RAG status.


Can the community help explain how I can filter on both?  I have tried creating 2 dimensions, however, that has created more issues when I try and build the Page, I cannot see "data" columns for the x axis ? At this point if I can filter on all data in the original attached nSQL query, that would be the best for now.




Thanks Everyone