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otk Oauth 2.0 Token Validation

Question asked by Parag.dabhade on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Stephen_Hughes

I have setup 4.2 otk and using gateway 9.3 , I have generated access token for client credentials grant type by using auth/oauth/v2/token. After genearting token , now i want to validate token is it correct or not i am trying to use OTK OAuth 2.0 Token Validation - Bearer assertion to check is token correct or not but i not able to do that.

I want to know is i am using right assertion or not if not help me which assertion i have to used and if is right how to use this assertion ?


I have tried this assertion OTK Require OAuth 2.0 Token , till i know this assertion only check is there any token value in header in incoming request but it does not know it is right or wrong so help me that my underdstanding is right or wrong ?