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%REQUESTER, SDM Mail Processing

Question asked by jordanreich on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by jordanreich

Hey all,


I appear to have a problem with mail eater. We are leaving the TextAPI in the mail rules within SDM blank and applying the rules directly in the email.


Sending in with emails that use the -m command to define a different end user than the sender.


With the body looking similar to this:

Originally Approved by John Doe, Verified by Jane Doe

%ZEFFECTIVEDATE=10/08/2018 00:00:00


The custom field for effective date works perfectly. The category works perfectly. Assigning the category, group, and assigned end user.


We want to be able to set the REQUESTER as well. But I find that no matter what I do it appears to get me no where despite numerous combinations. What I have learned is it appears to be a permissions block. If I open a ticket under someone with analyst rights or administrative rights (with the -m) I appear to be able to effective apply the requestor details.


However, if I open it under someone with employee rights. Which is the case 98% of the time. I do not appear to be able to apply any value to this area.


Do you know what needs to be changed to make this work? I've attempted a number of permissions combination changes with no luck thus far.


Thank you!