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How to send newly created JMS header property along with request?

Question asked by pranaygupta on Oct 4, 2018
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Hi Team,


I have a router VS. The job of this VS is to listen the request from the Queue: PROXY1 and re-drop the same request in another Queue: PROXY2 but this time with property name as "paymentType" which should be JMS header property -> So that multiple VS listening on PROXY2 can pick only those request which matches there paymentType.


Please refer Rick.Brown comments on below thread. I want to implement this in same way.


Multiple VS listening on same Queue 


I tried to enter manually in VSI Response - Meta-data paymentType = BACS. But MQ Team did not find any header property in re-dropped request with key name "paymentType".


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


VSI Screenshot - If Prtry = BACS - Re-drop the live request again but with new JMS header



JMS Header manually added:



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