No data points (grafana+apmsql)

Discussion created by FelixSutarelli on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Lynn_Williams

Hello guys,
I have a question here in my environment that I am not being able to evolve, I would like to know if anyone has already gone through this or how can I do to evolve in this matter.
the situation is as follows:
I did the installation according to the manual, I installed the datasource and everything worked perfect.
- When I query for example a metric from MOM, I get the desired result.
apmsql '. * | * *' 'Enterprise Manager | Health: Heap Capacity (%)' agg_value exact


When I try to query some of the agents I have on this server I only get "No data point" and "Query Inspector", it does not show any useful information.
The metric I want to capture is that of the image below.
any ideas?