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Can we use CA LISA service virtualization for MT5XX SWIFT message types?

Question asked by preetioc on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Rick.Brown

 Can we use CA LISA service virtualization for MT5XX message types?

I have used Request - Response pairs flow to virtualize.

Our request is MT515 message and  we get response from MT509 & MT543.

These MTXXX are all in XML formats.

We first placed all required JARS in required folder location then configured Queue Manager and queues.

Later, we tried to first go for R-R pair to see if we can do a simple test ( Request- MT515 & Responses as MT509 , MT 543)

We used XML Data Protocol & Request Data Manager Data Protocol Handlers for request and nothing under Response DPH.


We are using DevTest and we have created a VSI, VSM and also done with deployment of VSM(Model). Now when we try to test in DevTest portal we get some errors saying "No incoming request found".

So, because of this we then checked using DevTest workstation's ITR mode. Here when we checked for our request and corresponding responses for LIVE queues; we found error as Reason Code MQ 2085(which says as per Google: that Queue could not be found on Queue Manager but our queue is already present in queue manager)


Here are few queries I need clarification for:-

1.Can we use virtualization method for MTXXX message which is in XML format for R-R pairs virtualization?

2.If yes, then could anyone tell me if above MQ2085 gets resolved then how and what steps to be taken further to do testing for such SWIFT MTXXX format messages using Devtest workstation & devtest portal..?

3.Also, if queue is already present on queue manager then what could be the reason for getting errors in portal as well as ITR..?