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build custom grid with TCs under a folder with info in columns?

Question asked by evgenii.zuikov on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by evgenii.zuikov

Hello Community,


I was trying to get use of numerous views and reports in Rally, but eventually i understood only custom html might help me with my use case.

I've quickly gone through the SDK and examples and met some difficulties with using those, so I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this.

So here is the use case:

I've got the following test cases structure in quality management:

-Test Folder 1

--Test Folder 1.1

---Test CASE 1.1.1

---Test CASE 1.1.2

--Test Folder 1.2

---Test CASE 1.2.1

---Test CASE 1.2.2

-Test Folder 2

-Test Folder 3


Each test case contains some custom fields.

I need to have a view, which would display ALL the test cases under Test Folder 1, and columns with the information from some TCs fields (namely, "name", "color", "work product", "type", "priority", "last run", "last verdict", "test suite").

Ideally i'd like to have a small filter to filter them by their user stories, i.e. "work product" field.


Is this something real to do?