Pete Wirfs

Orphan parameter overrides in the database

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Oct 6, 2018

This is not a big deal, but thought it was interesting.


We use our own SQL to scan UC4 for parameter usage.  For instance when someone leaves the company, we need to know where UC4 parameters might be directing emails to that person and deal with them accordingly.


We ran into a case today where the following had taken place;

1. Job was set up with promptsets and default parameter values in those promptsets.

2. Job was added to a workflow.

3. Workflow task was modified to override some of these default parameter values.

4. At a later time, the same job was modified to remove one of the promptsets.


Now when we run our scan SQL, it returns hits on the parameter overrides from step (3) even though we no longer have access to those overrides.  This data is stored in the jppv table and was not deleted when step (4) was executed.  So that parameter overide data has become orphaned.


Now that I understand the situation, I'll be upgrading our scan SQL to omit the orphaned jppv rows once I figure out how to do so.