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out of memory on coordinator service in CVS

Question asked by TimothyLamb62131642 on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by tsuyu04

i am running a simple test that is sending a rest http call send an xml file. The test case is using a build your own data set with 5 row of data.  the test case runs first row then loops and gets the next row until the data is gone. we are then putting this in test suite and creating a mari file to deploy to cvs.  the mari is scheduled to run every minute for a prolonged period of time.  Currently it runs with out problem for  a couple of days then the coordinator service runs out of heap and creates an hprof. WE then have to restart the services ( i normally stop portalservice, simulatorservice, coordinatorservice, registry service. and then restart up in starting with registry service.  CVS will start up and run the next scheduled test and run every minute for another couple of days. before it has another out of memory problem. Have posted Hprof and logs to support.