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Need to set Zoom level in Export to PPTX in Jaspersoft

Question asked by AngadAnand on Oct 8, 2018

Hi All,


I have created Jaspersoft report an as per client's requirement it need to be export in 'pptx'. The report is getting exported properly in pptx but zoom level by default is set to '33%', the font size is correct. I have tried many ways but default zoom level is not getting decreased or increased. Normally pptx has 69-75% zoom level. There is property which I got is mentioned below.


<property name="net.sf.jasperreports.viewer.zoom" value="2" />

But this property sets the zoom level in Advance reporting for report but not for exported content in pptx.


Could anyone please help me for setting default zoom level to 70% ?


Attached PPTX for reference


Thanks in advance.


Thanks and Regards,

Angad Anand