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How can I install the scalability server on a server outside the Domain Manager?  Is there a manual and the requirements for the installation of the ss?

Question asked by CarlosMora11 on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by lecri01

Hello everyone.


I'm new to IT Client Automation.

I must install a scalability server on a separate server, which will connect with the Domain Manager (In this will be the applications such as DSM Explorer, DSM Reporter, and others).

My question is, is there a document that specifies the step by step of the server installation process ?, the requirements and aspects to consider before the installation process.

I have consulted this information but I have not obtained good results, additionally I must specify the time it can take the installation and configuration of the tool (to pass the stations with its installed agent to the new scalability server).

I will be very grateful for the answers you can give me.


Greetings from Colombia.