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URL_response probe Monitoring

Question asked by vineesha413 on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Chris_Knowles

Hi Folks,


We have a requirement to configure an alert when users are not able to login to a URL though the URL is up and running fine.Application team says they have come across situations where though the web-application is up and running fine the users will not able to login  because of Firewall-block issues,Database down issue etc..


How can we accomplish this using URL_response probe?I have gone through the documentation it has user authentications fields(so does this meanwe have to create a user to access the portal and if the authentication fails for that user we will get an alarm but how are we achieving this we only have option to set username and password but no option to trigger an alarm if the authentication fails? and  what's the Proxy properties section exactly useful for does this generate an alert if only the proxy user login fails?



Very confused ,Can anyone Please help!!!!