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Ideas on File Triggers

Question asked by sdlancaster on Oct 9, 2018
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We have a situation where we will have around 100+ users and we have to monitor each users network share for any files placed in there, like \\hsdnas\user01-h1$\*, once a file is placed we will need a connect direct job to move the file to another location like \\wil-home0n\user01$\. It has been proposed that we setup 100+ files triggers and 100+ connect direct job for this. Below are examples of the source and destination locations. Any ideas on how we could use one file trigger and pass the source and destination to the connect direct job along with the file the trigger picked up?


\\hsdnas\user01-h1$\*, \\wil-home0n\user01$\

\\hsdnas\user02-h1$\*, \\wil-home0n\user02$\

\\hsdnas\user03-h1$\*, \\wil-home0n\user03$\


Example: Source would be \\hsdnas\user01-h1$\test.txt and this along with \\wil-home0n\user01$\test.txt would need to be passed to the connect direct job and we would need to continue to monitor for the next file and this could go on throughout the day, there could be several dozen files in a day or none.


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