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Proceses getting stuck

Question asked by RafaelGascaCalvo on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Suman Pramanik

Hi all, 

We have adviced several procces get stucked and don't move along next step without any reason. Once BG services are restarted, PPM seem's to have common behaviour.

Currently, we have following stats at Process Engines, and we would know if its possible to improve process response times by increasing allocated memmory or adding more bg services.


NameActive ProcessesCompleted ProcessesLast Heart BeatStart DateEnd DateProcess ErrorsStatusTotal LoadLast Load SnapshotPre ConditionAction ExecutionPost Condition
bg-host1135851918310/10/18 16:443/10/18 19:49 121Running1%1%4.483152244819055E-40.00406633341801058544.483152244819055E-4
bg-host269292052610/10/18 16:443/10/18 19:48 122Running1%1%4.554964502137281E-40.0040613786454506474.554964502137281E-4

In fact, we also would know the impact on performance of:

  • Increasing alllocated memmory.
  • Increasing the amount of BGs services.


Thanks in advanced,