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How do I rebuild or clean up topology data

Question asked by GuanHua1378 on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by GuanHua1378
Two days ago I created a xml for cm_data_import  that contains minimal structure and import it after discovery_server and discovery_agent completes.

The xml I prepare contains all the thousands of devices being monitored regardless it is monitored for alarms or QOS.


<PrimaryDnsName>Tentent1 SHORT HOSTNAME1</PrimaryDnsName>
<UserAlias>cm_data_import_SHORT HOSTNAME1</UserAlias>
<PrimaryDnsName>Tentent2 SHORT HOSTNAME3</PrimaryDnsName>
<UserAlias>cm_data_import_SHORT HOSTNAME3</UserAlias>


But the Launch Relationship Viewer from the Actions menu in the Unified Service Manager (USM) portlet is missing.

Currently it is not showing up at the action menu for all the groups, but when I add a Relationship Viewer portlet to a UMP page it shows the topology default view where I can find lots of device in the groups and not in the groups.


Today I use Probe Utility remove_all_master_devices and rerun restart discovery_server probe and waited for 40 min for the auto_discovery Inventory to be populated. Then I use raw config on the discovery_server to set purged from the database from default 30 to 0 days then rerun the discovery_agent without importing xml through cm_data_import still  the Launch Relationship Viewer from the Actions menu did not appear. The devices I remove by remove_master_devices_by_cskeys still seem to show up in the topology . I am not sure how the topology completely get it data from to be populated.


I would like to know how do I rebuild or clean up topology data totally.

It seem cm_computer_system and cm_device are not where it getting the data from.


I am running UIM 8.5 , discovery_server and discovery agent version 8.5, relationship services and topology_agent version 1.72.