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How to avoid to cartesian product (Data Partition Constraint)

Question asked by radek.mihalik on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by David-Ng


I need to restrict access to contacts.

I need to allow access to all Customers, Groups and Analysts from CompanyOne (Functional Organization = OrganizationOne) and also to Analysts (members of groups) wich belongs to CompanyTwo but are members of CompanyOne groups.

All groups (where im looking for members from other companies) have always special text in the name like (ZZZ.1st Lvl; ZZZ.2nd Lvl; etc.)


constraints I want to use: 

form: ca_contact

restriction1: IN ('CompanyOne') => all kind of contacts from CompanyOne

restriction2: IN ('ZZZ%') => all contacts from all Companies wich are members of groups with special name.


result: ( = 'CompanyOne') OR ( IN ('ZZZ%'))

But it cause cartesian product.

Yes, I know about the workaround with oR and it works, but my question is, if there is a way how create the constraint without causing cartesian product.