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Event Notifications on Failure Not Working

Question asked by TinaHart609265 on Oct 12, 2018
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Good Morning,


We are working on improving some of our notifications for objects, and are having a hard time with Events.  For example, the event will be out in Activities and will run at each interval, however, if one of the executions fails, we are not receiving notifications.

We have tried using the Runtime tab which works on other objects (JOBS, JOBP), but let's say there is an access denied error during a few of the executions, we need to know.  Another example, is if there are some variables defined and perhaps there is an error there, each Event execution will fail, however, it will not notify anyone.  The only way to see this is to go to the Statistics for that Event, and then Child Task Statistics, which is lots of clicking and can get a bit confusing. Other than adding code in to each Event, is there a better way to do this?  Ideally we would like to use the available functionality and not do too many random customizations.

Please let me know if anyone has a good solutions for receiving notifications on Event objects.