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BCWP Calculation at project level

Question asked by AEC-CA on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by AEC-CA

In order to know the BCWP, i use the following query;


 Select ITD_BCWP from   prj_ev_history bac where  bac.PROJECT_ID = and OBJECT_TYPE = 'PROJECT'  ANd PERIOD_NUMBER = (Select MAX(PERIOD_NUMBER) From prj_ev_history where prj_ev_history.PROJECT_ID =



Till date i was using this query and i had no issues, until i ran into confusion today.  here are the details,

I have a project those %complete is set to manual. I made all the level 1 task as 100% complete. In my table

prj_ev_history, has two records for this project where for OBJECT_TYPE = 'PROJECT'.

now instead of the BCWP being udpated on the row here PERIOD_NUMBER =1, it is updating on the row where PERIOD_NUMBER =0. I always take the values from the row where period_number is max. 


Any suggestions and corrections are welcome.